Serious Madrid surprises Bayern Munich in Champions League

In today's Champions League 2014 first leg semifinals, Spanish Football's La Liga hosts Real Madrid defeated German Football's Bundesliga visitors Bayern Munich 1-0, at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.
Madrid, playing a 4-4-2, using a clearly not-match-ready Cristiano Ronaldo, and benching the still-recovering-from-the-flu Gareth Bale, were outplayed from the visitors the entire first half. Bayern maintained 72% of possession, beating Real to divided balls and pressing them on their own half of the pitch.
But Madrid seemed up to the task of stopping Bayern as well as the middle was so well defended by Isco, Xabi Alonso, Luka Modric, Angel di Maria, as well as the Real defense, that the wings seemed the only option for your Munich team. Ironically, Arjen Robben, perhaps their very best offensive weapon, found himself double-teamed every time he became Bayern's wide offensive outlet. Time after time the Madrid defense stopped Bayern--sometimes cold, other tines with last gasp lunges or blocks, but never requiring a true save from goalkeeper Iker Casillas. Thus went the very first 18 minutes.
Then came part 2 of Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti's strategy. The counter, a Madrid specialty since Jose Mourinho's days, was in full gear and on the 19th minute Fabio Coentrao found Ronaldo at about the midfield line. The striker, unable to do his usual sprints received, held and after that delivered a perfect lead pass to his Portuguese teammate about the left wing. Coentrao's cross found Karim Benzema open at the far post for that easy set aside. The resulting score line, Real 1, Bayern 0, was truly against the run of play.
But then the goal inspired Real and on the 25:46 mark another counter saw Ronaldo the recipient of a bouncing cross from Benzema, just in regards to the penalty spot, and the Portuguese star miss-hit it within the crossbar each time a simple downward touch would've ensured the 2nd score.
At the 40:29 minute mark di Maria was the people receiving the final pass on another nice counter but he sent the ball skyward from very close range with only Bayern keeper Manuel Neuer to overpower.
It was clear by half-time that Ancelotti had played all his pieces well while Bayern coach, Pep Guardiola, had assumed his superior forces would simply make an appearance and carry your day. Real's formation must have been a surprise as was Ronaldo's go out onto the pitch.
As the other half began what each coach could do to out-fox the other seemed the question to reply to, the players had already shown they are able to follow each leader's directions to some tee.
The first chess move was Ancelotti's while he substituted Gareth Bale for Ronaldo to wide applause. Then Guardiola countered bringing in offensive players for midfielders and taking Frank Ribbery out. The gamble, adding countless attacking players rescued Bayern from an impending Real possession take back. And it also provide Bayern with lots of more scoring opportunities.
At the 83rd minute Bayern's golden chance came. Mario Goetze was open inside the box, in order to the right of goal resulting in two yards beyond your goalie's box, and took a point blank shot at goal going to left. But the best keeper within the world, the one that always reacts so quickly even when not contacted all game long, made the save and kept the score line intact to the Real Madrid win.
It might have been too little for Madrid. Bayern is unquestionably worth two goals in the home. But Ancelotti is depending on both of his stars being healthy and ready for extended play in the here second leg in Munich. It should be a game worthy of a championship final and not a semifinal.

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